Pamper Your Lymphatic System

Pamper your Lymphatic System

lymph-system1Fifteen minutes of meditation, an hour of Gentle Yoga, some stretching or maybe even a little aerobic exercise…any of these things will help one of your bodies most important systems: the lymphatic system.

Chances are you’ve heard all about lymph nodes and your lymphatic system from your doctors. Maybe more than you ever wanted to. So, you know that the lymphatic system is responsible for protecting the body from foreign invaders and cleaning out your system of toxins and pathogens.

Did you know that stimulating your body through exercise and meditation can encourage proper drainage and production in your lymphatic system? While this is important for everyone, people fighting cancer are especially vulnerable to weakness in their lymphatic system functioning.

Additionally, radiation, surgery, infection and cancer itself can cause lymphedema, a condition that occurs when your lymph vessels are unable to adequately drain fluid, usually from the arms or legs.

Exercise can be a powerful tool in both preventing this condition and providing relief from its symptoms and discomforts.

The MPCS Wellness Center offers regular classes that can help you pamper your lymphatic system:

Full Wellness Center Schedule

YOGA: Offered three times/week. Guided stretching and focused breathing aid your overall health and well being.

 PILATES & TONING: Offered three times/week with light weights and core strengthening.

 MEDITATION: Guided breathing from the diaphragm can help your lymphatic system flow properly.

 “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” –old Zen proverb

Our Wellness professionals cater to individual needs and levels. The Wellness Center is a haven for people fighting, surviving and living with cancer. Open sessions, free weights and exercise machines provide the opportunity to exercise at your own pace and schedule. Our classes guide you through enhanced wellness. At the Wellness Center clients meet and share with people who are experiencing similar challenges and triumphs, creating the added benefit of camaraderie with people who are in the unique position of understanding your experiences.







Love & Health


Scientists have long been keen to prove that love gives us health benefits.

The benefits of love are explicit and measurable:

Helps beat cancer: University of Iowa researchers found that ovarian cancer patients with a strong sense of connection to others and satisfying relationships had more vigorous “natural killer” cell activity at the site of the tumor than those who didn’t have those social ties. (These desirable white blood cells kill cancerous cells as part of the body’s immune system.) 

Leads to a longer life: The National Longitudinal Mortality Study, which has been tracking more than a million subjects since 1979, shows that married people live longer. Plus, they have fewer heart attacks and lower cancer rates, and even get pneumonia less frequently than singles. source: How Love Keeps You Healthy by Sandra Mahony